How it works

Step 1: Quotation request

I estimate the weight and dimensions of my personal belongings.
The more accurate this information is, the closer the quotation will be to the final bill.
I choose the desired method of transportation and complete the quote request.
An estimate will be sent to me within 48 hours (working days).

Step 2: Validate the quote and order transportation

To confirm my request for pick up from my home or drop off in one of the offices of Bagages Du Monde, I print, fill in (complete) and return the booking form and the terms & conditions , documents with the accepted quotation signed by email to ( ), or fax (+33 (0) 1 34 38 58 99).

The “booking form” must be sent at least two days before the date of pick up or drop off.

BDM will confirm the booking of the order by email. This email describes the documents to be completed (downloadable) and formalities (which vary depending on your destination).

In all cases the following documents are mandatory:

  • The Passport and the 3 documents that should be downloaded and completed from our website (see below for their use):
  • A simple packing list (General for all packages)
  • A detailed packing list completed in French and English, Spanish, etc. ... (Depending on the destination country)
  • Notice to Passenger
  • The labels to be taped on each completed bag/carton etc.

Step 3: Preparation

I choose the container which is best suited to my belongings, it is possible to use trunks, boxes, luggage, travel bags, etc. ...

As and when I pack my belongings, I make an inventory with the value of each item on the detailed packing list (one sheet per bag).

I tape the labels showing the names and addresses of the sender and recipient on each of my packages to identify them.

I close my containers correctly with secure tape, padlocks ...

Re locks, I give a duplicate of the keys to BDM who can use them in case of customs inspection.
The simplified packing list can be completed by using the detailed packing list.
Send a copy of all documents to Bagages Du Monde (mandatory for customs formalities). The originals and key duplicates will be placed in an envelope taped to one of the containers.
The duplicate keys are destroyed before departure unless there is a special request and / or home delivery.
Once the luggage arrives in our warehouses, BDM weighs and takes the dimensions of your personal belongings in order to issue the final invoice of your transport.

BDM offers Removal Kits(cartons, bullpack, tape, cutter ...) and a range of luggage and travel goods (locks, security tape ...)

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I receive the invoice by email or fax that confirms the weight, size and price of my shipment.
I proceed to payment before the departure of my goods by credit card, bank transfer or cash (depending on conditions).
To save time, it is possible to make a secure payment on our website. (see conditions).
The payment delay is 3 days from the sending of the invoice by Bagages Du Monde. As of the fourth day storage period begins.

Step 5: Follow the shipment

I get shipping information from the BDM by email (conditions, flight details, ...).
I can also track it myself by visiting the page of my shipment track my shipment * on the BDM’S website.
I regularly check my email to which BDM sends me a message with updates of my shipment (delay , arrival etc)

* Internet tracking valid for air freight only.

Step 6: Delivery of personal effects

My shipment is delivered to my home: I will be contacted by BDM or its representative to agree on a preferred date of delivery depending on customs clearance delays.

Step 6 (bis): Retrieve personal belongings

I decide to collect my shipment from the airport myself: I call the airline on the number provided to me by Bagages Du Monde to make sure my belongings have arrived and are ready for collection.
I go to the airline's cargo Import department, along with my passport in order to take possession of the AWB. The Transfer fees must be paid at this time (the airport taxes for your luggage) to the airline.

I decide to get my shipment from the port myself: I call the consolidator agent on the number provided to me by BDM to make sure my belongings are ready for collection.
I go to the import cargo service agency with BL and passport. Carriage costs and customs formalities must be paid at that time. Depending on the destination, it is possible that there are additional costs, this information having been previously indicated on your quote.

Finally I go to customs services to organise the import formalities for my belongings and I pick them up.