3. Are the effects insured?

Yes, ** under the conditions laid down by the Montreal, Warsaw and Hamburg Convention for the transportation of goods which are capped at the value of your personal effects.

  • Seafreight:
    Limited to 835 unit of account per shipping unit of loading or 2.5 unit of account per kilogram.
    Or € 957.00 per unit of loading or € 2.85 per kilogram (Nov 16th, 2010)
  • Airfreight:
    Limited to 17 Special Drawing rights per kilogram
    Or at 19.45 € / kg (Nov 16th, 2010)

It is possible to take an additional insurance called \"Ad Valorem\".
In case of damage / loss , a statement must be issued at the destination by an agent of the carrier to start the insurance procedure.

** For all transportation between the states who signed the said Convention.