Transport of Pets - Our options

Your pets can NOT be considered as ordinary freight, so our options are only valid for air travel, and in compliance with IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Transportation of pets requires special care. BDM helps you to transport your pets in accordance with the health regulations of the host country, by carefully following the rules imposed by IATA and airlines.

We are all concerned about the well being of your animals. It is therefore necessary that they travel in transport cages approved by IATA

Container/kennel - IATA

Cage Dimensions
Size #1 54*41*39 cm
Size #2 69*51*49 cm
Size #3 82*56*59 cm
Size #4 92*61*66 cm
Size #5 102*69*77 cm
Size #7 122*81*89 cm

If your pet is too large/big to travel comfortably in these containers, we can make a special wooden container to fit your pet, contact us.

You want to create your own transportation option? It’s possible, feel free to contact us.