How it works

Step 1: Get a Quote

I think the suitable container the animal must be able to lie down comfortably, turn around in his cage and be on its four legs without touching the upper wall of the cage with his head. I filled the
quote request choosing the desired formula.
A detailed estimate will be sent within 48 hours (working days).

IATA - calculation of container

Step 2: Learn about the rules for importation of animals into the country of destination

Depending on the formula chosen, it is imperative to know the laws at your destination. So I contacted the Canadian embassy, ​​consulate or the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the importing country, to know the import regulations and documentation.
Some examples:

Step 3: Order the transport

I send the document transport control and signed in the accepted estimate at least 15 days before the desired date of departure.

By return email or fax confirming the booking BDM, indicating the flight details and time of appointment date for the filing or removal.

Step 4: The day of departure

I realize the carrying case of my pet as comfortable as possible: - paper towels, cushion. I leave to eat and drink for my pet in the receptacles provided for that purpose in the cage.

ECO formula for the appointment is fixed in our office 5-6 hours before flight departure.

Step 5: International transport

The animals are placed in the dark to keep quiet (dogs edgy will not be accepted by the captain).
It is comfortably installed in a conditioned bunker.

Step 6: Recovery of the animal

The recovery is done according to the laws of importing from the airline, quarantine or veterinary services. The procedure was indicated by the consulate or the Department of Agriculture of the importing country to step 2.

Step 6 (bis): Delivery of animal

I opted for formula or PREMIUM + EASY, my pet is delivered to my home: I will be contacted (e) Carry The World or his representative to agree on a preferred date of delivery depending on recovery time (veterinary inspection, quarantine ...).